Our Team

The IMM team is made up of full-time Assemblies of God missionaries, Missionary Associates, and virtual team members located throughout the United States.



Originally from Kansas City, Denise has served at IMM for over 13 years. Her passion for storytelling and background in journalism, graphic design, marketing, and photography have been invaluable for the work at IMM. She currently serves as the Executive Director where she oversees productions and operations.



Serving as the Art Director at IMM, Kerry uses his experience in journalism, photography, graphic design, writing and painting to create the physical and digital sets and props used in IMM productions, and for compositing in post-production.



Henry has been involved in various forms of Christian technology for forty-five years including over three decades of missionary media experience. His extensive cross-cultural expertise coupled with hands-on proficiency in nearly every aspect of audio and video production brings strategic strengths to IMM project development and distribution.


Hailing from Great Falls, Montana, Matt works as Producer and Trainer at IMM. His Biblical Studies degree, involvement in Chi Alpha, and love for media have provided him with experience as a writer, editor, producer and trainer on the team. 



An exceptional artist, Lisa keeps IMM organized and beautiful, and her skills have helped to create sets and props on numerous film shoots. She also teaches high school art classes part-time at Evangelical Christian Academy.


Cliff has become an incredible asset to the team, using his handyman skills in improvements and maintenance to the IMM building, as well as on sets and props for films. Formerly a toolmaker in the aerospace industry, Cliff brings a wealth of knowledge and an eye for detail to IMM.



Along with administrative work, Bethany serves as the day to day financial specialist at IMM. She holds a degree in World Missions, and has worked in the financial industry for the last 8 years.



All the way from Oklahoma, Adam earned degrees in Graphic Design, Pastoral Ministry, and the Bible. He brings over 15 years of professional graphic design and photography experience to IMM as he serves as part of the production crew, and various other creative duties at IMM.

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